What is a DMM?

AADMM is a national membership organization composed of individuals and agencies who
practice the growing profession of
Daily Money Management.

For many of our members, Daily Money Management (DMM) is a second career and we come from very diverse backgrounds. What we have in common is our strong commitment to helping others, which is essential as we become indispensable to our clients who rely on us to keep their day-to-day finances running smoothly. Some of us have a specific focus on Seniors, High Net-Worth Individuals, Millennials,
Divorced Adults, Veterans and/or People in Transition. Each of our clients have their own particular needs and as DMMs, we ensure that their financial lives are clear of hazards. Daily Money Managers help ensure nothing falls through the cracks including paying monthly bills,
creating budgets, reviewing plans, decoding medical bills, recouping moneys due, organizing documents and taxes, and much more.